The Clearest Way to
Improve How You Improve.

One Core Map and One Playbook for Faster Problem-Solving.
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As a manager or supervisor

you produce


You close gaps between bad things
and good, good things and great.
Between gaps coming in and
solutions going out, that’s you
in the middle. But...
Picture of a blue computer
A blue desk
thought bubble solving problems’s getting harder. You need a
method to your middle.
A thought bubble struggling to solve problems
Gapswork gives you that
method. Feel clear, calm and
confident in your work.
thought bubble using gapswork to solve problems confidently
Gapswork gets you to the
core of problem solving with
One Core
One Core
A hand holding the Gaps Diagram
A hand holding the Gapswork Playbook.
so you can become the clearest
problem-solver in the room.

How does Gapswork
work for you?

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Facilitate Problem Solving with Our GPT!

Harness the power of ChatGPT and Gapswork method to solve more. Available with a paid ChatGPT subscription.

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